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Exhibits Committee

With a new gallery space, there's room for exhibitions of visual arts.

This committee will:

  • Research potential local and regional artists

  • Develop exhibit themes

  • Display artwork

  • Plan opening receptions and additional hours


Fundraising Committee

It takes money to make the magic happen!

This committee will:

  • Take the lead on fundraising events, most notably our annual golf outing

  • Research, prepare and submit grant proposals

  • Monitor fundraising efforts to ensure donors are thanked in a timely and ethical manner


Program and Education Committee

Everyone can be creative. Offering classes and workshops to explore various media and outlets and include all ages, backgrounds and abilities supports our community's needs.

This committee will:

  • Create and maintain a facilitator agreement

  • Research and contact potential facilitators and offerings

  • Schedule and execute classes and workshops


Facilities Committee

Our historic building requires much care and respect. 

This committee will:

  • Monitor the maintenance needs

  • Anticipate future needs

  • Oversee supplies

  • Design and update a historical display of the building and Rush County's Black community


Membership Committee

As a membership organization, growing our numbers is vital.

This committee will:

  • Keep an accurate membership list

  • Notify members when dues should be paid and renewed

  • Create and maintain a membership welcome package


Publicity Committee

Getting the word out can be a challenge in these days of information overload.

This committee will:

  • Work closely with the other committees to promote their activities

  • Share the mission and vision of imagine:nation through social media and print outlets, as well as participation in other community events


Get Involved

With six committees and endless possibilities, we need your help.
There's a role for everyone, and all are welcome!
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